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Responsible Masculinity


Man Enough is an 8-week challenge that calls out men to lead in service as sons, brothers, fathers and husbands in their families and society. The program offers a redefinition and demonstration of manhood from what our fast paced, materialistic culture has branded it, back to what it is intended to be. Men aged 21 and above are equipped with core values on true manhood that should guide a man on how he can:

Take Initiative
Live responsibly
Lead sacrificially
Love faithfully
Leave a rich legacy

Iron sharpens Iron! Through the company of other men in the program one develops friendships, networks, support and 

accountability as he grows in implementing the values acquired and enhanced through the program. Since its launch in February 2012, Man Enough has successfully taken over 2000 men through 10 seasons and is currently in the 12th season.


Boys to Men is a ten week program that guides young men, between the ages of 13- 21, to realize the meaning of real manhood, throughexperiential (practical) mentoring. The program guides a young man to understand his true identity as a man and gain respect for himself and others in his community. This is done through a unique value based mentorship system characterized with coaching through personal interactions with a mentor. Through this program the boys are equipped with values that lead them to:

  • Understand himself and the true meaning of manhood
  • Take responsibility over their lives.
  • Love, honor and serve their mothers, sisters and future wives.
  • Affirm their peers in positive values and together grow in body, mind and character.
  • Stand firm to protect their families, communities and the nation.
  • View themselves as leaders in their society and initiate change in their spaces.

Community Engagement

Faces of Christ Experience 

A discipleship initiative that seeks to develop and enrich spiritual foundations of leaders by facilitating self-awareness in light of God’s truth for greater transformational impact.


A transformative initiative that equips Christians on the importance of prayer and how to pray effectively.

Transformational Leadership

market place

A program that seeks to empower individuals in the marketplace to be able to engage and contribute to the transformation of their communities.

Are you passionate about your work? Are you living out your purpose at work? Do you always overcome the day-to-day ethical challenges? Do you feel sometimes that there could be more to work than just working from 8am to 5pm? Work tends to be characterized by stress, politics, conflicts, power games, sexism, difficult bosses, pressure to conform, backstabbing colleagues and just the boring routine of work. Are you ready for change? Transform Nations invites you to a 6-week life changing experience where you will learn how to:

Get ahead with your integrity intact
Use your work as a platform for influence
Live a purpose-filled life every day
Be exceptional through your skills and abilities
Pursue your dreams and achieve your goals in the work place
Enjoy every day as if it was a Friday!

The Market Place will set you on the path to success, purpose and impact!

Youth Programs

Aim to raise a generation of young leaders of integrity who lead sacrificially and thus positively influence the future economies, societies and governance in the nation. The Ideal girl program in particular focuses on equipping girl leaders (13-18yrs) to be high achievers.