Equipping Leaders to Impact Society for National Transformation

Standing on the pillars of Responsible Masculinity, Transformational Leadership, Community Engagement and the values of Team Spirit, Integrity, Excellence and Partnership, Transform Nations continues to fulfill its mandate of changing the world – ONE LEADER AT A TIME.



Transform Nations was started in 2010 by founder and current Executive Director, Simon Mbevi. Simon had a desire to see the lives of people and communities transformed all over the world and began to put his desire to action. From its humble beginnings with a staff team of 3 volunteers, Transform Nations has been able to expand its reach to many nations in the African continent and is now beginning operations in the USA.

With a mission to equip leaders in the family, church and society for national transformation through personal change, Transform Nations invites individuals all over the world to Change their Reality through participating in powerful and innovative learning experiences. Graduates of our programs not only experience powerful personal transformation but also become powerful catalysts for transformation.


Why is Transform Nations now in the USA? Pastor Mbevi answers.

Simon’s book, Dad is Destiny, is a very valuable resource for outlining what men need to do to reclaim their lost glory. Written in single language and punctuated with wit and humor, Dad is destiny is an easy read but has a lot of depth.
— Ian Mbugua. Thespian, teacher



  • Man Enough – An 8-week challenge that inspires and equips men to unleash the man within and live as responsible and principled men.
  • Boys to Men – A transformative program that equips the boy-child into becoming a confident, disciplined and purposeful boy to ensure his successful transition into a responsible man.
  • Shujaa Dad – Transformative program that seeks to raise generations of responsible and equipped fathers.


  • Faces of Christ Experience – A discipleship initiative that seeks to develop and enrich spiritual foundations of leaders by facilitating self-awareness in light of God’s truth for greater transformational impact.
  • Ombi- A transformative initiative that equips Christians on the importance of prayer and how to pray effectively.
  • Fire Friday – A prayer initiative that calls on citizens to pray for their country once a week through lighting a candle and saying a prayer on key issues affecting the nation.


  • Market Place – A program that seeks to empower individuals in the marketplace to be able to engage and contribute to the transformation of their communities.
  • Youth Programs – Aim to raise a generation of young leaders of integrity who lead sacrificially and thus positively influence the future economies, societies and governance in the nation. The Ideal girl program in particular focuses on equipping girl leaders (13-18yrs) to be high achievers.
  • W.I.R.E.D. (Women Influencing Radically to Establish Destiny) – Equips and engages women with tools to lead and transform their communities.
  • Kiongozi Challenge – A leadership course that defines what governance and citizen leadership entails, based on the 5 C’s of leadership (Character, Compelling Vision, Competence, Conciliatory, Caring).